Unique, actionable alternative data for institutional investors

ExtractAlpha is an independent research firm dedicated to providing unique, actionable alpha signals and data sets to institutional investors.

ExtractAlpha’s founding team held senior positions in the original research, development, and sales groups at StarMine and at top quantitative hedge funds including Morgan Stanley PDT.

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Similar data leads to similar performance

Most institutional investors use similar inputs in similar ways.  They look at company news, earnings reports, financial statements, sell side research, and prices and volumes.  Similar inputs lead to similar results... and therefore correlated investment returns.  Innovative asset managers increasingly look to new data sources to differentiate themselves.

Differentiated data leads to superior returns

That’s where ExtractAlpha comes in.  We apply rigor and creativity to the search for new sources of value.  Our mission is to connect institutional investors with interesting and unique new data sources to help them outperform.

Finding value in the data

We apply our extensive experience in quantitative analysis to interesting new data sets and tools.  Our rigorously built quantitative models are designed for institutional investors to gain a measurable edge over their competitors.  We also partner with top FinTech data firms to identify investment value in their data sets and help investors profit from these unique new sources of information.  To learn about how we can help you, contact us.